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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has created the national standard performance test for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).


Our NIST UAS Training course is used to help evaluate the performance of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) pilots. Everyone knows that ongoing training is the key to organizational success. and this training is helping all pilots from recreational drone pilots to first responders in advancing their flying skills.


Anyone can fly a drone around, up and down, but if there isn’t a clear training plan and a way to measure success, you will never know how effective your piloting skills are until it is too late.

With our NIST UAS training, professional drone pilots will have a clear regimen to work through to develop the necessary skills to fly in an operational environment. After training, your NIST course can be used to test the pilot's ongoing skills while giving the organization a clear picture of the pilot’s capabilities.

Learn more about these testing methods here:

We are an ASTM-approved and certified NIST UAS Training partner. Click below to join our monthly training sessions.

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